Travel Consultancy

The typical travel agent is a broker who has a portfolio of transportation, housing and sightseeing options that he will sell you. You expect him to get the best price and schedule for transportation, reserve rooms at hotels, and/or with a tour and that’s about it.

He has no expertise or knowledge regarding the area you will be visiting, other than second-hand information from travel books or possibly from a previous personal visit. It is very unlikely that he is updating himself.

You go to him because its more convenient than doing it all yourself, but he really doesn’t provide any value-added or personalized service beyond what you would have thought of yourself. He treats all customers alike, fitting the pegs in the holes, and you are just another customer.

That’s why “do-it-yourself” internet sites are giving the ordinary travel agents a rough time.

Limited interaction, responsivity, and self rather than user orientation. After you are out the door, you are out of mind as far as he’s concerned. If anything goes wrong or is not what you expected, it’s up to you to work it out. His responsibility ended when you paid him. He may or may not be interested in feedback when you return, but he won’t ask for it: you’ll have to initiate the information. If you are really unhappy, all you can do is find another travel agent. He’s not going to change his ways.

You are either looking for specialized knowledge and experience, or you want someone who can bring specific offers taking into consideration your needs.

I have a unique idea of what travel should be and my vision has been formed by years of satisfying the most demanding of all tastes. I go beyond providing tickets, vouchers and brochures.

A good travel consultant is the one whose experience is not limited to the preparation that travel agents receive.

My objective is to create an ‘informed traveler’ my distinction between a traveler and a tourist is a worthy one.

I operate altogether differently. I am expertly knowledgeable about the areas to which our clients travel. In my role as a consultant I don’t act as an agent, I act as an advisor, coaching each of my¬† clients to put together the “best of all possible trips” for them individually. In sharing my knowledge and expertise I add value that our travelers would never have thought of.

It’s Not About Me, It’s About You!

What is it that this customer wants out of this trip? Is how I approach, this is why it’s not about me, but it’s about you.

You Get These And More…

  • Help in planning a personalized itinerary,
  • Advice on which sites to select out of the thousands available,
  • Information on interesting places off the beaten track (and not in the guide books too),
  • Real-time, interactive discussions of the history of each site,
  • A glimpse at the way real Turkish people live,
  • A guide to customs, shopping, language,

After completing a trip with me, a guest wrote:
‘I don’t think we would have seen a quarter as much without you, but more importantly, I don’t think we would have understood a tenth as much of what we were seeing.’

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