Scuba Diving

I’m a Master Scuba Diver; that means I completed a number of Specialty Diver trainings in addition to Rescue Diver training.

(Safety stop at Red Sea after a dive to the blue, I am the one in yellow shorts)

I remember my first dive. The instructor was in the sea and I was waiting on the boat for instructions. Then she asked me to step in. One Giant Stride. And it was a new world. You would not imagine the captivity, the vibrance, the senses and the distinctivity this New World offers.  You would not have a clue to how inspirational it is. You would not know how it changes the rest of your life in the exciting way it does.

(Hammer Head Sharks)

Since then I had the opportunity to log 1000+ dives in the seas of the world, and encounter spectacular experiences. Hammer head sharks in the Red Sea, groupers in the Mediterranean, giant schools of fish in the Andaman, leopard sharks in the Indian Ocean, WWI wrecks in the Dardanelles, morray eels in the Aegean. I do not have the space, or the ability to describe the feeling, and when you are back at surface, the joy you share with your buddy whom you met only a few hours ago.

(Leopard Shark)

Specialty Trainings Completed:

  1. Wreck Diver
  2. Deep Diver
  3. Drift Diver
  4. Search & Recovery Diver
  5. Night Diver
  6. Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver
  7. Enriched Air Diver


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