Turkish Law sets a number of rules and regulations for the profession of guiding. These include a set of interviews and exams in Turkish and at least one foreign language evaluating our capability of representing Turkey, and that’s before we only qualify for the training period. Upon completion of our classroom training (and attendance is compulsory) we complete a long trip of Turkey and then another set of reviewal exams. Finally, and along with the provision of a clean criminal record we are eligible to be employed, or self-employed as a Professional Guide.

In order to continue our profession, we have to be tax payers, and in addition attend a number of seminars annually to update ourselves.

I am a holder of ‘Professional National Guide’ badge from the Turkish Ministry Of Culture & Tourism since 1995. I have actively worked as a guide all over Turkey leading a large number of individuals, family trips, groups, companies, corporate groups, institutions, army groups from various countries focusing on several subjects while visiting

Invaluable experience earned in all these years, in additon to years of travel agency management gave me the capability to fully understand the specific needs of each guest and to guide them thru different perspectives and flexibly run tours. Flexibility has always been the key word for me whilst leading a tour. I am totally aware that each individual has a different perspective and may be trying to enjoy Turkey and all that the country offers through his vision. That’s why I thoroughly believe that flexibility is the key word.

In years, I was able to see that problems can occur during a tour and a good guide needs to be in command when problems occur. A guide has to be in perfect command of the tour he is running; and this does not only involve his/ her responsibilities as a lecturer; he/ she has to have excellent command of all issues and that’s why in my role as a tour guide, I do not only act as the on-site lecturer, but deal and control with other aspects of the tour regardless of such other services being organized/ reserved thru myself or not.

I am also an Emergency Responder and I do my updates once every 2 years.

You can find some of the individual and corporate references in the references section. For more references please send me an e-mail and I will send a dossier seperately.

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