I had two dreams in my childhood: To read all the books in our library, and to travel to every single place on the map of Turkey. I consider myself lucky that I fulfilled both dreams; and that gave me the motivation to read more and to travel more. Travelling enables me to meet more people which broadens my vision.

I was born in Imroz Island (now called Gökçeada) in the North Aegean Sea in 1971 and spent 6 years of my childhood there.

My family moved to the province capitol (Çanakkale) where I went to primary school. Spending your childhood half an hour away from the site of Troy and just across Gallipoli Peninsula where you get visitors from all over the world motivates you to get out of your tiny corner of the globe.

I then went to boarding school in Izmir where the language of teaching was English; and then to İstanbul and came out of high school in 1990 to go to college in Ankara. I spent 4 years in Ankara earning a BA Degree in American Studies from Hacettepe University.

In the meanwhile I attended a large number of classes given by some reputable scholars, either as a full time or a guest student. These classes include Art History, Archeology, Classical Greek Mythology, History of Anatolia, Roman History, Biblical Studies, Ottoman History, History of Turkish Republic and the War of Independence, Gallipoli.

I do believe in continuous education and still attend classes, seminars and lectures in the fields above.

During the summers I worked for travel agencies in the south coast of Turkey and in Cappadocia. I completed my national service with the Air Force where I was positioned at HQ NATO 6th ATAF.

I went back to Cappadocia at the end of my 8 month national service, and worked there for another 5 years. I was based in Cappadocia and was leading tours all over Turkey and this gave me invaluable experience.

In the meantime I traveled abroad to other countries and trained travel agents, mostly in the US.

At present I am based in Istanbul, but I travel all the time with people from all over the world and guide them all through Turkey.

My goal in guiding has been to offer cultural sightseeing tours in the most flexible way where I define each itinerary according to the guest’s conditions, needs and requirements. This enables the visitor to have an in-depth experience of Turkey and enjoy it from their perspectives taking advantage of my knowledge and experience.

I also like to combine the sightseeing with any possible outdoor activities (not necessarily meaning adventures and adrenaline) in a way that the I am not only your tour guide but also your dive buddy, or the paddler, or the rider and I keep you company in all aspects of the tour.

20 years from now on I still plan to guide and train other guides.

My son Ali is 15 years old.

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